Tape In Hair Extensions 101

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What are Tape In Extensions 

Tape-in extensions come with pre-taped wefts and are usually one inch wide. Similar to our clip in hair extensions and out hair bundles our tape in extensions here at Lescheveux Studio are made of real Remy hair. This allows for less tangles, knots, and matting in the extensions and allows you to style the extensions. Lescheveux Studio tape-in extensions allow for the same styling versatility, meaning you can curl, straighten and even color the extensions darker. While hot styling tools can be used with tape-ins, it’s best to avoid heat near the root or the adhesive.

How are tape in extensions applied?

Tape-in hair extensions should be done by a professional, as they require a few more steps to install.....

As you can see above a thin strip of your natural hair goes in between two strips, so your hair is essentially sandwiched in between the extensions. Since the wefts are only an inch wide, it’s important to section the natural hair carefully, which is why a professional is recommended.

Also in removing your tape ins we strongly advise professional help in removing your extensions. If not removed correctly, they can pull and break the hair, causing serious damage.

Tape in extensions are they are definitely a time-saver for the girl on the go. They can still be straightened or curled when needed and they can even be reused after removal if they are in good condition. 

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